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The Pastoral Council aims; 


  • To be witnesses to Christ in the Parish Community

  • To help plan the future of the Parish. He stressed that although we use three churches for worship, we are one parish.

  • to search out and respond to the hopes and concerns of our fellow parishioners

  • To encourage the existing good work of groups in the parish.

  • To set long/short-term goals for the parish.

  • To provide opportunities for parishioners to develop their relationship with God and each other.

Four sub groups with in the Council to form activities and development in the Parish within the following key areas 

  • Faith Formation and Catechesis

  • Liturgy and Worship

  • Evangelisation and Ecumenism

  • Social and Community Activities

The names of the Parishioners within the sub groups will be published soon online but are available in each church.  

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